BBF Announces Postseason Format

There will be many more twists and turns this season before teams get their hands on the silverware

The BBF has announced the format and schedule of the 2011 Postseason Playoffs and National Baseball Championships for the BBF Senior Leagues.

Due to the numerous postponements this season, the 2011 BBF Senior League Playoffs will start one week later than last year and an additional make-up date for postponed regular season games will be added on 3-4 September. The post season will start on the 10-11 September, continue on the 17-18 September and culminate with the National Baseball Championship (NBC) on the 24-25 September (a week after the Youth NBC).

The NBL and AAA Playoffs will be extended to a two week, best-of-three series with the higher seed playing away for game one in the first week and at home for games two and (if necessary) three in the second week. The AA and Single-A Playoffs remain the same as last season.

The NBC weekend will follow a very similar structure to 2010’s successful format, with some modifications to game start times. The NBL and AAA Finals will now be played as 9-inning games.

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The BBF will imminently announce the application process to host the NBC for prospective clubs and venues. The deadline for application is Monday 1 August.

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