Herts Announce 2011 Herts Futures Tournament

Herts Futures Tournament Baseball London

UPDATED (15 AUGUST 2011): Since making this annoncement there have been various changes to the BBF youth and adult postseason schedule and the Herts Futures Tournament will now be held on Saturday, 24 September 2011.

Herts Baseball Club has announced that the 2011 Herts Futures Tournament will take place on Saturday, 3 September 2011.  The event was originally scheduled to be held on Saturday, 24 September 2011, however the British Baseball Federation (BBF) has just announced that the Senior National Baseball Championships will be played on that weekend and so the 2011 Herts Futures Tournament (HFT) has been moved to Saturday, 3 September 2011. 

Herts Baseball Club Secretary, Aspi Dimitrov, feels that bringing the HFT forward to the first Saturday in September is likely to be a much better date for the event.  “It will serve as the ideal build-up to the 2011 National Youth Playoffs and the National Youth Championships which will take place later in September and is a nice way for all the young players to get straight back into baseball on their return from the summer school holidays” said Dimitrov.

The opening ceremony of the first ever Herts Futures Tournament in 2008. Since then the ballpark has added a second diamond and permanent outfield walls.

The Herts Futures Tournament (HFT) has been held every year since 2008 and is now a permanent fixture in the British baseball calendar. It brings together youth teams of all age groups from across the country for a day of baseball at one of the best baseball venues in the United Kingdom.  Grovehill Ballpark is the home of Herts Baseball Club.  It is the only baseball facility in the country which features two purpose-built full-size baseball diamonds, both with permanent outfield walls. The venue recently hosted the National Baseball Championships which is Great Britain’s equivalent of MLB’s World Series. During the Herts Futures Tournament additional diamonds are added for the Under-14 and Under-11 age groups.

This year the Tournament will include a competition for Under-17 teams for the first time, which means that teams from all age groups (Under-17, Under-14 and Under-11) will be entering the HFT. 

You can follow the 2011 HFT on the Herts Baseball News site.  For more information  about the event or if you require details about how teams can enter the Tournament or how players can join the Herts teams in time for the HFT, visit the Herts Futures Tournament homepage or contact Herts Baseball Club

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