Red Sox and Yankees managers pick up free agents ahead of the Herts Championship games

Today is football’s transfer deadline day and football managers around the UK have been signing players which they hope will bring them success this season, spending over £300 million in the process.  The managers of the Herts youth baseball teams have also been busy ahead of this Saturday’s games which will decide the Herts Little League Championships.  They have been a lot more economical focusing mainly on  free agents, but the signings they have made could make all the difference this weekend.

Herts Red Sox Manager, Arnie Longboy picked up pitcher Justin Henderson and Charlie Boneham who has played in the outfield for the Herts U17 All Stars so far but his versatility may mean that the Red Sox could try him in other positions as well.  Boneham’s debut for Herts was against the Cobham Cougars and he proved to be one of the most valuable players on that day.

Herts Yankees Manager, Kent Peterson, added Richard Ganster to his roster.  Ganster will add power to the Yankees batting lineup and will strengthen the team as an accomplished pitcher, catcher and pretty much any other position in the field.

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