BBF Announces Postseason Rosters of the 11 Teams

24 hours before Saturday’s eagerly-awaited Under-17 and Under-14 postseason playoffs the British Baseball Federation has announced the postseason rosters of the 11 participating teams.

Herts are going into the Under-17 playoffs with a roster which has a significantly lower average age than the other U17 teams.  On the basis of this and their regular season record, the Herts U17 All Stars go into the games tomorrow as the outsiders. The Under-14 Herts team is ranked third in the seeding. 

From last year’s Under-14 National Championship-winning squad there are five players who are still within the Under-14 age group, while six others have moved up into the Under-17 age group.


  • Cameron Choudhuri
  • Charlie Boneham
  • Charlie Mayhew
  • Jake Caress
  • Jonathan Compton-Weight
  • Justin Henderson
  • Kieran Manning
  • Kyle Lloyd-Jones
  • Liam Green
  • Matteo Manzi
  • Thom Adams



  • Aaron Witter
  • Adam White
  • Ben Jones
  • Brian Moulton
  • Brodie Caress
  • Callum Vangundy
  • Cameron Ross
  • Drew Mayhew
  • Gavin Peterson
  • Jose Morillo
  • Lewis Green
  • Richard Ganster
  • Tomas Sharpe
  • Zack Longboy

  • Kent Peterson (U14 Manager)
  • Lee Manning (U17 Manager)
  • Alan Ross
  • Alex Ganster
  • Arnie Longboy
  • Aspi Dimitrov
  • Chris Jones
  • Jeff Witter
  • Kal Dimitrov
  • Mark Caress
  • Nick White
  • PJ Henderson


We have also received reports that Herts U17 Manager, Lee Manning, has been very thorough in his preparations going as far as actually visiting the venue of the Under-17 Playoffs.  He sent in photos showing what the venue looks like 24 hours before the games commence.

Click here for more photos of RAF Daws Hill


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