Herts Announce Hunlock Series Expansion During Live TV Broadcast

The 2011 champions in the British senior and youth leagues have been determined, but the question on the minds of everyone connected with Herts Baseball is – Who will win the 2011 Hunlock Series?

Every year just when the MLB season enters its most exciting stage, current, former and potential future members of Herts Baseball Club come to Grovehill Ballpark for a 3-week competition in memory of Herts Baseball Club’s number 36, the late Kyle Hunlock.

In previous years, the Series involved three teams, the Herts Red Roosters, Herts Blue Dogs and the Herts Black Widows.  Following the club’s growth especially among youth members, this year a fourth team has been added to the Series.  The name of the team is the Herts White Lightning.


The 3 weeks of Hunlock Series action was kicked off on Monday night with a 2-hour live show on the Herts Baseball TV Channel.  During the show the club announced the managers of the four teams which will be competing.  The Red Roosters will be managed by Andy Cornish and Greg Bochan who continue their partnership having managed the Herts Hawks this season in the British AA-League.  The Blue Dogs will have three co-managers hoping to lead them to victory. They are John Kjorstad, Andrew Slater and Kal Dimitrov.  The Black Widows will be managed by Aspi Dimitrov.  The expansion team, White Lightning, will be managed by father and son partnership of Arnold and Zack Longboy.

The managers of the four teams did their best to gain a competitive advantage during this draft before a single pitch has been thrown, but ultimately it will all be decided on the field of play.  The first games will be played this Sunday, 25 September 2011, from 11am at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead.  The second round of games will take place on 2 October and the third and final round on 9 October.


The players have been drafted but as usual there will be a large number of free agents becoming available over the 3 weeks of the Hunlock Series.  Anyone interested to be added to one of the four teams should contact Herts Baseball Club.  The Series is open to any players over the age of 13 regardless of whether they are experienced professionals or beginners who have never played baseball before.  Players from other clubs are also welcome and several have already been drafted.

Herts Red Roosters
1 William Belbin (UTILITY/)
2 Greg Bochan (P/SS)
3 Andy Cornish (1B/CF)
4 Rob Crouch (UTILITY/)
5 Glen Downer (UTILITY/)
6 Jon Gamble (UTILITY/)
7 Nicolas Goetz (3B/P)
8 Matt Johnston (LF/CF)
9 Jonathon Lewys (LF/RF)
10 Rod Naghar (RF/3B)
11 Kimiyoshi Saionji (2B/LF)
12 Adrian Smithers (UTILITY/)
13 Charlie Williams (UTILITY/)
14 Jeff Witter (1B/2B)
15 Reagan Wood (UTILITY/)
Herts Black Widows
1 Tom Adams (UTILITY/)
2 Charlie Boneham (UTILITY/)
3 Jake Caress (UTILITY/)
4 Cameron Choudhuri (UTILITY/)
5 Jonny Compton-weight (UTILITY/)
6 Aspi Dimitrov (LF/3B)
7 Richard Ganster (UTILITY/)
8 Lewis Green (UTILITY/)
9 Liam Green (2B/C)
10 Justin Henderson (UTILITY/)
11 Tristan Le coz (UTILITY/)
12 Kyle Lloyd-jones (UTILITY/)
13 Kieran Manning (UTILITY/)
14 Charlie Mayhew (UTILITY/)
15 Jose Morillo jr (UTILITY/)
Herts Blue Dogs
1 Paul Curtis (2B/RF)
2 Chris Deacon (UTILITY/)
3 Kal Dimitrov (C/3B)
4 Philip Dwamena (UTILITY/)
5 Tim Elkins (UTILITY/)
6 Daniel Gould (3B/LF)
7 Duncan Hoyle (UTILITY/)
8 Rob Jones (UTILITY/)
9 Oz Kemal (UTILITY/)
10 John Kjorstad (LF/RF)
11 Jamie Munn (CF/LF)
12 Kennet Pike (RF/LF)
13 Nick Russell (P/SS)
14 Theo Scheepers (SS/)
15 Perrie Sherman (C/3B)
16 Andrew Slater (3B/1B)
Herts White Lightning
1 Jim Arnott (RF/P)
2 Paul Auchterlounie (C/CF)
3 Ralph Bartholomew (SS/2B)
4 Phil Clark (UTILITY/)
5 Ilya Dimitrov (CF/1B)
6 Ali Hall (LF/RF)
7 Arnold Longboy (UTILITY/)
8 Zachary Longboy (UTILITY/)
9 Lee Manning (C/)
10 Jose a Morillo (UTILITY/)
11 Steve Nippress (UTILITY/)
12 Amit Odedra (UTILITY/)
13 Charlie Pearson (UTILITY/)
14 Mahendra Prasad (CF/)
15 Jamie Slater (UTILITY/)

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