Going Down to the Wire in the October Heat


There is one week left of the Hunlock Series and the Herts Blue Dogs have a slender lead with the Red Roosters and White Lightning one game back on them.  Black Widows are two games back from the leaders but are still in the running thanks to a surprise win late this evening against the leaders.

White Lightning burst back into the championship-race after solid defensive performance. Against the Red Roosters starting pitcher Zack Longboy started the day for them with a shutout win against the Red Roosters. They suffered a hiccup against the Blue Dogs in the second game of the day losing 9-4, but quickly bounced back to beat the Back Widows 5-1 who struggled with the bats against Phil Clark on the mound for the Lightning.

Red Roosters’ early setback against White Lightning was quickly forgotten as they got back in the race with a win against the Widows.  Jon Lewys launched a decisive shot to right-centerfield off Black Widows’ pitcher, Liam Green.  The ball clipped the top of the outfield wall and went over for a two-run home run. 

That set up a titanic Red versus Blue clash played in temperatures of 29oC forcing both teams to snuggle up together on the third-base side to cool down in the shade.  The game ended with a walk-off 9-8 win for the Herts Blue Dogs.

The Blue Dogs had one more game to play with an opportunity to open up a two-game gap between them and the rest and virtually clinch the 2011 Hunlock Series.  They were shocked by a stubborn Black Widows team consisting of members of the Herts Under-17 and Under-14 All Star teams.  Justin Henderson pitched a gem and had the offensive support from the batting lineup, but arguably the most critical moment of the game came when, with two outs and runners on second and third, Tetsuro Shinkawa, came up to bat.  With the count 2-0 the Black Widows were about to call time for a mound visit as they were considering whether to walk him intentionally or to pitch around him carefully. On the next pitch Shinkawa drove the ball deep down the right-field foul line.  It looked like it would be a certain 2-RBI triple but out of nowhere, 14-year-old right-fielder Thom Adams somehow managed to make up a lot of ground and caught the ball in a spectacular play on the run to end the inning and any hopes of a Blue Dogs comeback.  Justin Henderson held his nerve in the final inning to secure the win which keeps the Black Widows in the running and sets up an exciting final round of games on Sunday, 9 October, at Grovehill Ballpark.  The First game commences at 11:30am with subsequent games starting on the two diamonds every hour.


Series Schedule and current Standings

 Blue Dogs – cannot afford to lose to Red Roosters.  A loss against White Lighting not as critical due to tie-break rules

Red Roosters – must win against Blue Dogs.  If they lose that game they are out of the race

White Lightning – cannot afford to lose to Red Roosters or Blue Dogs.

Black Widows – Still in the running but need a miracle. Must win all three remaining games and hope that other results go their way.


  • Red Roosters – added Simon (Free Agent )
  • Red Roosters – added Phil (Free Agent)
  • Black Widows – added Harry Purvis (Free Agent)
  • Blue Dogs – added Tetsuro Shinkawa (Free Agent)

Note: Herts White Lightning has the next two picks.

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