Team rosters to be announced on Herts TV tonight

Herts TV host Ken Pike and special guests wil be analysing the rosters tonight

We are counting down to the first pitch of the 2012 Herts Spring League and the Managers of the Herts adult league teams will be announcing their preliminary rosters for the upcoming Herts Spring League games.  The announcement will be shown on the Herts TV Channel at 10:00pm, Thursday, 15 March 2012, (right after the end of the televised football game Manchester City vs Sporting Lisbon). 


The show will be hosted by Herts Baseball TV’s anchorman, Ken Pike 

Viewers will be able to interact and chat with each other using the ChatZone on the side of the TV screen and via facebook or twitter. 

It must be noted that the Herts team managers are still evaluating players, especially as new players are arriving every week. Therefore the rosters which will be announced are not final and may be subject to changes. For example, players may receive a call up from another team etc.

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