2011 awards for Herts youth teams announced as part of a busy day at the ballpark

With a significant delay, the Herts Baseball Little League announced the award winners for the 2011 season in the various Herts youth teams.

The awards were presented at Grovehill Ballpark as part of baseball festivities which included HSL games, softball tournament and of course the 2012 National Baseball League Opening Game between the Herts Falcons and Bracknell Blazers.

The coaches of the Herts youth teams presented the awards covering various categories form outfield and infield gold gloves, batting and home run champions, rookies of the year and of course the most valuable players of each Herts team, as voted by the players and coaches.

More photos from the 2011 Little League Awards courtesy of Pascale van Dort

Photos from the family softball tournament courtesy of Simon Roberts and his family


Herts Giants (U11)
MVP Matt Cowler
Batting Champion Beau Mack-Rehnsi
Infield Gold Glove James Roberts
Outfield Gold Glove Christian Lynch
Rookie of the Year Alex Trautman
Home Run Champion Matt Cowler
Coaches’ Award Lewis Auchterlounie
Herts Dodgers (U11)
MVP Theo Longboy
Batting Champion Alex Deacon
Infield Gold Glove Alex Deacon
Outfield Gold Glove George Owens
Rookie of the Year Jonathan Wakelam
Coaches’ Award Nicholas Durer
Herts All Stars (U17)
MVP Liam Green
Batting Champion Matteo Manzi (.364)
Infield Gold Glove Kieran Manning
Outfield Gold Glove Lewis Green
Rookie of the Year Charlie Mayhew
Home Run Champion Liam Green (1)
Most Improved Player Jake Caress
Most Stolen Bases Liam Green (12)
Cy Young Award Liam Green (24 Ks)
Herts All Stars (U14)
MVP Brodie Caress
Batting Champion Richard Ganster (.667)
Infield Gold Glove Brodie Caress
Outfield Gold Glove Gavin Peterson
Rookie of the Year Callum Vangundy
Home Run Champion Richard Ganster (2)
Home Run Champion Brodie Caress (2)
Most Stolen Bases Gavin Peterson (9)
Cy Young Award Zack Longboy (ERA 2.19)

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