Hawks pitcher, Larry Martillo, started game 1 against the Falcons in the first ever Herts baseball derby in 2007
written by correspondent, Glen Downer
Anticipation, or being enthusiastic, is an emotion involving pleasure, excitement, and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.
For only the second time in the club’s history two Herts teams will face each other in a competitive league game as the Herts Eagles and the Herts Raptors face-off this Sunday at Grovehill Ballpark. Both teams come off the back of a loss, so the need to put in a good performance couldn’t be higher. In its 16 years as a baseball club, Herts has faced a scenario like this only once and that was five years ago when the Falcons and the Hawks were both in the AA League. Back then the club had only two teams. Now it is the turn of the Raptors and the Eagles.
At the start of the season nobody could have predicted the significance of the game between the two teams; this single game could be the difference in making the post-season, or once again being subject to the agony of just missing out. Both the Raptors and the Eagles have had their fair share of ups and downs already in this rain soaked season, having to endure long breaks due to the poor weather, and suffering losses that could or should have been wins. All this has resulted in the need for both teams to come away with a win this weekend, which could very well be the turning point for each for the rest of the season.
Yankees v Red Sox, Giants v Dodgers, Cardinals v Cubs, and now Raptors v Eagles, team rivalries don’t come any higher than this!! So get yourself down to Grovehill Ballpark this Sunday and enjoy only the second Hertfordshire baseball derby in history! (That is of course if the Great British Weather doesn’t have its say!).

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