LYBL win two. Vangundy pitches no-hitter and hits 2nd and 3rd homerun of the year

The Herts U14 team faced LYBL in a repeat of last year’s U14 National Final. With so many of Herts U14 players from last year moving up into the U17 age group the team is made-up of younger players who may not be able to match the top teams in the league at this stage of their development, but the club hopes that the youngsters will develop over the next few years to challenge for the title.

LYBL won both games convincingly and they move up the standings closing in on second-placed London Sports.


A look back at the box scores from the Herts U14 games versus London Sports confirms the impressive performance by Callum Vangundy who pitched a no-hitter over 4 and two-third innings not allowing any earned runs and striking out 7 batters at which point he reached his 85-pitch limit and had to be substituted in accordance with league rules. He also had a good day at the plate hitting his second and third home runs of the season.

Click to view box scores and play-by-play from game 2 of London Sports at Herts U14

Tom Everex-Armstrong who started game one against London Sports also had an effective outing with no earned runs through 3 and one-third innings allowing only 1 hit.

Click to view box scores and play-by-play from game 1 of London Sports at Herts U14


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