AA All-Star candidates announced

Louis Hare has 7 RBIs so far this year. Hawks need several more to catch up with Hare if they are going to compete against the big guns in the AA League.

The BBF AA League has announced the All-Star candidates from each of the AA southern league teams.

The candidates from the Herts Hawks are Louis Hare, Nic Goetz and Nick Russell.  They all feature heavily in the main statistics categories for the Hawks so far this season.

Louis Hare leads in the batting average (.444) and slugging average (.556)  categories.  He also has the highest number of RBIs with 7.

Goetz and Russell have each lodged a couple of wins as the main starting pitchers for the Hawks. Nic Goetz has the lowest ERA of 1.80 although Greg Bochan may have something to say about this when he accumulates the required minimum number of innings pitched, as soon as the rain stops. Bochan currently has an ERA of 1.50 which is even more impressive knowing that it was recorded in a game against the best team in Pool B, the Sidewinders.

Nic Goetz currently has the best opposition batting average among the Hawks pitchers with an impressive .161. In the base-running category, Paul Auchterlounie is in the lead with 8 stolen bases.

Read the full list of All-Star candidates of all AA League teams in an article written by Michael Jones, who has provided the best media coverage in the history of the AA League. The article will also give Hawks coaches and players valuable scouting information ahead of the remaining deciding games and the postseason playoffs, which the Hawks hope to be playing in next month (click to view article).

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