The calm before the storm

Grass cut, lines marked, and eerie silence. This was the scene at Grovehill Ballpark on Saturday evening ahead of the NBL Special Event which will take place this Sunday, 22 July 2012.

All 8 NBL teams will be on show. The event opens at 11am with the Herts Falcons versus the Bracknell Blazers. At 12pm is arguably the most anticipated of the matchups as league-leaders Harlow Nationals and the third-placed London Mets do battle.

Subsequent start times will depend on how quickly the first games end. At 3:30pm the Southampton Mustangs will be eager to get a win against the Lakenheath Diamondbacks in the hope of avoiding having to go through the Wild Card Playoff game.

To end the day at 4:00pm the Essex Arrows play the Croydon Pirates. The Arrows are not out of the playoff race, but they will need a win.


11:00, Falcons at Blazers (7 innings) (New Diamond)

12:00, Nationals at Mets (9 innings) (Old Diamond)

13:30, Falcons at Blazers (7 innings) (New Diamond)

15:30, Mustangs at Lakenheath (9 innings) (Old Diamond)

16:00, Arrows at Pirates (9 innings) (New Diamond)


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