Q&A: Seth Lipstock – Herts Hawks #65

As we count down to the 2012 National Baseball Championships we are running a series of question and answer sessions with members of the Herts Falcons and Herts Hawks teams who will be going for silverware this Bank Holiday weekend.

1. Name: Seth Lipstock

2. Nationality (if dual nationality enter both): USA

3. Age: 33

4. Position(s): 3rd and 2nd Base

5. Height: 6′ 0″

6. Weight: 84 Kg

7. Bats (right/left/switch): right

8. Throws (right/left): right

9. Previous appearances in the NBCs (year and which team and league i.e. NBL, AAA, AA etc.): 0

10. What is your preferred song to go up to bat with: Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills

11. Favourite baseball movie: The Sandlot

12. Favourite MLB team: Baltimore Orioles

13. Favourite MLB player: Robert Andino

14. For or against the Designated Hitter rule: For

15. Should Barry Bonds’ home run record have an asterisk next to it: No

16. What was the largest audience you have performed to (sports or other), when and what event: Dreamers Theater Performance, once a year, in Richmond VA with my brother’s special needs adult theater group.

17. Who is the most undervalued player in the team: That’s easy, ASPI!!! There’s no team without him..there’s no Herts without him!!!

18. Who is the prankster in the team: Jon Lewys

19. What is your pre-game routine during the 24 hours before first pitch, any superstitions, etc.: Stretch, stretch, stretch…

20. Your favourite pre-game meal: Protein Cereal

21. Predictions for this weekend’s Championship: ‘Pain’ (Clubber Lang, Rocky III)

22. Key to our success this weekend in 3 words: Fun…we have fun, and never take it too seriously


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