Live Hunlock Series Draft will be shown following GB vs Canada qualifier

With the news that all World Baseball Classic games will be shown live on ESPN America and on the internet, free of charge, and in view of the Team GB playing against Canada on Thursday, 20 September, the LIVE Draft for the 2012 Hunlock Series will be moved back by approximately 1 hour and will now commence at around 8:30pm or as soon as Team GB’s game against Canada ends.

This is the biggest game in years for the Great Britain National team. A place in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) is up for grabs and if the team qualifies for the prestigious WBC, this could be an amazing boost for British Baseball. Playing on the biggest international stage will bring substantial publicity and televised games could attract new players to the game of baseball in this country. Another potential benefit could come in the form of a financial boost for the British Baseball Federation as all qualifying national federations are exected to receive fees for qualifying.

The game will commence at 6pm UK time and is expected to end at around 8:30pm or 9:00pm. As soon as it ends we will join Herts Baseball TV host, Ken Pike, and special guests for the 2012 Hunlock Series Draft.

Over 80 players have already signed up to play in the Series. Who will be the first round picks for the teams?

It will be shown on the Herts Baseball TV channel (click to view). Viewers will be able to interact using the ChatZone on the right-side of the TV screen.

Note: For players who wish to play in the Series but have missed the deadline for the Draft, they can still register and be added to the team rosters from the trading/free agent block.


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