82 players drafted live on TV. Teams open the Hunlock Series this Sunday

British baseball legend Darrin Ward was the first draft pick of the night

Last night, after the end of the GB vs Canada WBC qualifying game, the Herts Baseball TV Channel had live coverage of the 2012 Hunlock Series Draft. The managers of the four teams had a plethora of talent to choose form with 82 players drafted over 21 rounds.


On a toss of a coin the Blue Dogs were given the first pick. Standing in for manager John Kjorstad was Duncan Hoyle and without hesitation announced that the first pick of the 2012 Hunlock Series Draft is Herts Falcons pitcher and first baseman, Darrin Ward. “Darrin is a British Baseball legend” said Duncan Hoyle. He added: “In my time at the club he has always had time for some of the younger and newer players at the club and he will have very positive influence on some of the less experienced players who will be added to the Blue Dogs roster”.

Next it was the turn of the Black Widows to make their first pick. Manager Cris Hiche chose Herts U17 third baseman, Kyle Lloyd-Jones. “I have had the pleasure of working with Kyle this year. This is his last year in the U17 league and he is ready to make the step up to the adult leagues. I think he is going to be one of the stars of the Series”.

Red Roosters Manager, Ken Pike, decided to go with one of the most reliable pitchers in the country, Nick Russell. “He keeps delivering year-after-year and we need stability on the mound” said Pike.

Nick Russell won the Hunlock Series with the Blue Dogs 12 months ago. He will be wearing red this year

By virtue of White Lightning having appointed their 3 co-managers, Dave Tretheway, Jarrod Pretorius and Ryan Bird, they were restricted from picking in the first few rounds of the Draft. When they came to make their first unrestricted pick, co-manager, Ryan Bird, confirmed Herts Eagles pitcher, Theo Scheepers, as their first pick. “I have worked with Theo over the last few weeks in the softball project which Herts is running together with BSUK and he is a great guy to have in the team. He also comes from South Africa like the three co-managers of White Lightning so it is good to pick some local talent” said Bird.

If you missed the 2012 Hunlock Series Live Draft Show, you can watch it on demand (click to view)


The full team rosters determined at last night’s draft are shown here. Several more players have become available as free agents after the draft and they will be drafted in due course. We will keep you updated about free agent signings and trades over the four weeks of the series.


The Series commence on Sunday, 23 September, with all 4 teams in action from 1pm at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead. For complete Series schedule click here.


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