What do Roy Hobbs, Dan Kerry and Guv Bhangal have in common?

Dan Kerry (right) appearing in a tryout game for Great Britain Trialists versus GB U19 Team after just 1 year of playing baseball

Sunday’s Hunlock Series games included the official introduction of cricket-sensation Guv Bhangal, who is a neighbour of Darrin Ward and decided to give baseball a try in the Hunlock Series. Bhangal has played some cricket in the past but had never held a baseball bat in his hands before Sunday. In a Roy Hobbs-like moment he stepped up for his first at bat and launched the ball over the outfield fence for a home run. Many experienced baseball players spend many seasons before they manage to hit their first home run. It took Bhangal only 1 at bat, which is sensational but not unprecedented.

In 2007 cricket player Dan Kerry made his baseball debut for Herts against the Milton Keynes Hurricanes. On the mound for the Hurricanes was baseball legend Darrin Ward. The first pitch to Kerry hit him in the ribs, but he was adjudged to have swung so the at bat continued. On the second pitch Dan Kerry hit a towering home run which travelled around 390 feet over the left centerfield wall of the old diamond at Grovehill. Dan Kerry went on to try out for the Great Britain National Baseball Team. Will Guv Bhangal end up being monitored by the GB Team scouts?

Bhangal introduced himself to Herts baseball club in the best possible way and he proved that the home run was not a fluke with display of more power later in the day driving the ball hard down the left field line for a double. What will “the Natural” have up his sleeve next Sunday?


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