Herts AGM appoints 2013 Board Members

With no baseball on TV it is easy to assume that baseball clubs around the world simply lock up their ballparks and fly off to warm destinations for the five months of the winter close season between October and March. In fact the close season is a very busy and important period for the MLB clubs.

This is also the case at Herts Baseball Club. The club held its Annual General Meeting a few weeks ago appointing the Executive Board for the upcoming season.

The club goes into the new season with a strong team in all departments, the number of which seems to be increasing every year. There are some new faces joining the club’s Board who will bring fresh ideas and new energy, and at the same time the club has retained a large number of the 2012 Board members which will provide continuity as the club aims to continue its growth.

The following is the full list of the 2013 Herts Baseball Executive Board. There are several vacant positions which the club is aiming to fill in the coming weeks as it prepares for another season of Herts baseball. New appointments will be announced in due course.

• President, Aspi Dimitrov

• Co-Treasurer, Chris Jones

• Co-Treasurer, Aspi Dimitrov

• Manager (1st team), Lee Manning

• Co-Manager (2nd Team), Andy Cornish

• Co-Manager (2nd Team), Greg Bochan

• Manager (3rd Team), Arnie Longboy

• Manager (4th Team), Duncan Hoyle

• Club Shop Manager, Mark Caress

• Youth League Commissioner, Aspi Dimitrov


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