Voting has begun to name the new Herts AAA league team

One of the proposed team names is the Herts Red Kites, which can be seen flying over Grovehill Ballpark throughout the baseball season

Over the last 10 days fans of Herts Baseball from across the globe have been submitting team names for the newly formed fifth Herts baseball team to enter the senior British baseball leagues. In total 33 names were submitted giving fans of Herts Baseball plenty of choice.

Some of the proposals which were submitted carried a great deal of symbolism. One such team name was the Herts Red Deers. The name Hertfordshire originates from the Anglo-Saxon words “heort ford,” which means deer crossing. The Herts Red Kites was proposed on the basis that the Red Kite is a bird of prey which can been seen during the baseball season hovering over the Grovehill Ballpark baseball diamonds.

There were many other team names keeping with the avian theme of the four existing Herts teams. This was also an opportunity to propose several names which were runners-up in a previous team name vote when fans of the club were selecting the name of their third team in 2008. Those were the “Herts Woodpeckers”, originally proposed by former Herts Falcons Manager, Jason Greenberg, and the “Herts Juicy Chickens”, submitted by Herts Falcons shortstop, Yuji Endo.

Some members of the club, like Hawks infielder, Rodney Naghar, went with the spectacular name Herts Accipiter Castanilius Shakira Accipiter Badius (i.e. Chestnut Flanked Sparrow Hawk). Naghar gave his reasons for this nomination: “Got a nice ring to it and includes the name Shakira and the word bad!”. Another interesting suggestion came in from Jonathan Reinebold on the other side of the Atlantic. “There is a minor league team in the USA named the “Great Lakes Loons” who are the A-Class affiliate of the LA Dodgers. Loon is a fish-eating bird”. “Fans of the team would then be referred to as the Loonatics” added Reinebold. The British media would certainly have fun with a name like the Herts Loons.

Whenever a new Herts team has to be named, the name Herts Attack is always in the running. Will it reach the next round of voting this time around? And then there is the name Herts Griffins, which could have the makings of an interesting team logo.

This first stage of submitting team names ended a few hours ago. The preliminary round of voting has now begun. CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE

This preliminary voting round will continue for seven days. At 23:59 on February 10 the three most popular names from the preliminary round will go through to the final and deciding voting round. The finalist which receives the highest number of votes will be confirmed as the name of the new Herts AAA team.



• Herts 71’s

• Herts Accipiter Castanilius Shakira Accipiter Badius (Chestnut Flanked Sparrow Hawk)

• Herts Attack

• Herts Barn Owls

• Herts Blue Jays

• Herts Breakers

• Herts Buzzards

• Herts Caracaras

• Herts Cardinals

• Herts Cassowaries

• Herts Condors

• Herts Crows

• Herts Griffins

• Herts Harriers

• Herts Hedgehogs

• Herts Hellcats

• Herts Huskies

• Herts Juicy Chickens

• Herts Kestrels

• Herts Loons

• Herts Ospreys

• Herts Owls

• Herts Pterodactyls

• Herts Ravens

• Herts Red Birds

• Herts Red Deers

• Herts Red Kites

• Herts Red Wings

• Herts Red Wings

• Herts Rockets

• Herts SR71’s

• Herts Vultures

• Herts Woodpeckers


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