Herts Hawks infielder to make 387 home run trots without a break for Crimestoppers UK

At the London Marathon Ralph Bartholomew will have to cover a distance equivalent to making 387 home run trots around the bases, without a break.

2011 Infield Gold Glove winner and Herts Hawks member Ralph Bartholomew has been unable to participate in Spring Training this year as he’s deep into a training programme to prepare to run in the 33rd Virgin London Marathon this April. Although Ralph is not normally a long-distance runner and prefers the slightly less gruelling sport of baseball, he’s taken up the challenge in order to raise funds for the charity Crimestoppers UK.

As you might know, Crimestoppers runs a nationwide anynymous tip line that leads directly to over 20 arrests every day, as well as running outreach programmes for young people in communities across the country. Crimestoppers have set a fundraising target for Ralph, so unfortunately he can’t do it without a little help. If you can make any contribution to support a good cause (no donation is too small), please visit Ralph’s fundraising page.


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