Voting to decide Herts U17 team name has commenced

Herts fans chose Herts Ravens as the name of the new Herts team which will play in the BBF AAA League in 2013.

Now it is time for fans to select the name of the club’s U17 league team. The preliminary round of voting determined the 11 team names which are through to the Final round for this U17 team name vote.

The Final Voting Round has just opened (CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE). Voting will end at 23:59 on Wednesday, 20 February 2013.

The British Baseball Federation is expected to announce the 2013 U17 and U14 league schedule on March 1. As soon as this U17 team name vote is completed it will be the turn of the Herts U14 team name to be decided and this will enable the club to confirm the names in time for the announcement of the BBF League schedule.

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