Cardinals added to Herts Baseball family

Herts fans have been voting to decide the name of the Herts U14 team over the last few days. The polls closed at midnight on Monday and the results of the vote showed a four-way tie between Cardinals, Kestrels, Ospreys and Red Wings. To break the tie, the poll deadline was extended by 21 hours.

The extended deadline passed a few minutes ago and Herts Baseball Club can officially confirm that the name of the Herts U14 league team is Herts Cardinals. The cardinal (pictured above) certainly fits with Herts Baseball club’s official colours of Red, Black and White.

The Cardinals proved to be the most popular name according to Herts baseball fans with 33.3% of the vote.


Herts Cardinals
Herts Red Wings 23.80%
Herts Kestrels 19.00%
Herts Ospreys 19.00%
Herts Red Kites 4.80%
Herts Crows 0.00%
Herts Griffins 0.00%
Herts Loons 0.00%
Herts Red Deers 0.00%
Herts Woodpeckers 0.00%

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