Saturday’s HSL games cancelled

Herts Baseball Club has just confirmed that all HSL games scheduled for Saturday, 23 March, have been cancelled

Two ground inspections were carried out today in the afternoon and in the evening and they have shown that the heavier rain late this evening has flooded the diamonds.

Based on previous experience with standing water at the fields and the current weather conditions, the grounds crew would struggle to make the diamonds playable for Saturday’s games. This is made even more difficult by the fact that continuous rain is forecast for the rest of the night and more or less the whole day on Saturday.

Herts had scheduled a 6:30am ground inspection, but it was decided that this would be pointless given the outcome of this evening’s inspection.

A spokesperson for the HSL said: “We have been very reluctant to cancel these HSL games as we have a responsibility to the paying teams to do everything possible to give them the best possible value for the entry fee which they are paying. However, we have also taken into account the feedback from teams today indicating that they would prefer not to play if the weather conditions are as forecast. We certainly do not want to force teams to play against their will. It will not help their pre-season preparations”.

For the moment, the games scheduled for Sunday, March 24, are still on. There will be further ground inspection on Saturday and we will keep you informed if the HSL schedule is affected further.