Sunday’s HSL games snowed out

The snow covered the baseball diamonds at Grovehill Ballpark on Saturday morning and it has just been announced that Sunday’s five Herts Spring League games have been cancelled. This comes after Saturday’s HSL schedule was wiped out by the weather.

A spokesperson for the HSL said: “We have been very reluctant to cancel these HSL games as we have a responsibility to the paying teams to do everything possible to give them the best value for the entry fee which they are paying, but the opinion of the teams was unanimous and we are grateful for their feedback which has made it easier for us to make this decision”.

The teams are now looking ahead to the 14 HSL games scheduled for Easter weekend, 30 and 31 March. The matchup’s include a repeat of the 2012 NBL final between the Herts Falcons and the Harlow Nationals, the first opportunity to assess NBL newcomers, the Essex Redbacks, as they face the London Mets, among other interesting encounters in all three divisions of the HSL. Click here to view the full HSL schedule.