Herts household names by the end of the season

Herts recently announced the appointment of Jake Caress and Lee Manning as the co-managers of the Herts Cardinals, the club’s U14 league team. We had the opportunity to put some questions to Jake Caress as his team prepares for the start of the U14 season next month.

We are not too far away from Opening Day. Do you feel ready or has the bad weather in March affected preparations?

Jake Caress: In many cases this year the march weather has greatly affect the amount of training in preparation for the season, but all of this aside I believe that the team will be ready for opening day.

What are your main goals for this season?

Jake Caress: The main goal for the Cardinals this year is to work on fundamentals while playing the game but more importantly to have fun.

What win-loss percentage would be seen as a successful season for the team and is it realistic to expect your team to reach the playoffs or even challenge for the title?

Jake Caress: If we could break even with a .500 then I would consider the season very successful, I have high hopes that we will certainly challenge our way into a playoff spot as well.

Who are the players we should look out for this year?

Jake Caress: I haven’t had a chance to look at all of the players this year yet but I’m sure by the end of the season some will be a Herts household name.

Which of your opponents in the league are likely to be the biggest challengers for the national title?

Jake Caress: From what I can remember the London Mets are always tough competition, but there will be others who will also be challenging for the title.

Which league game are you looking forward to most?

Jake Caress: Well it has to be the London Mets game as Southern derby’s go.

The postseason playoffs will be played at the brand new Farnham Park. Will this act as an even greater incentive for players to reach the postseason?

Jake Caress: I hope it will. The new facilities are second to none is this country.

What is your message to Herts Baseball fans ahead of the U14 season?

Jake Caress: We’re going to give it our best and hope to come out with some positive achievements, Play ball!