Triple Herts vs London clash this Saturday

While the Herts Eagles, Hawks, Raptors and Ravens take a break from league action this weekend, three other Herts teams are travelling to Finsbury Park for an almighty Herts-versus-London day of baseball this Saturday, 4 May 2013.

First up in the morning the Herts Harriers (U17) will meet the London Mets (U17) in a repeat of their Opening Day clash which was decided in extra-innings. This is only an exhibition game so it will not count towards league standings and quite a large number of players are away on other assignments but is still expected to be a mouth-watering encounter. First pitch is 10:00am

At 10:30am on the adjacent diamond the Herts and London U11 teams will meet in another exhibition game. Over the years the London U11 team has been superior to the much younger Herts U11 team but they are a year older now and it will be interesting to see the outcome of this game and assess the progress made by the Herts U11 programme.

Immediately after the end of the youth baseball games, everyone is looking forward to the NBL clash between the Mets and the Falcons. The Mets (2-0) have played only 2 league games so far due to a rainout against Harlow last month so it is difficult to say where the Mets are likely to stand in August. They are the only team with a 100% winning record and the only team to sweep the Lakenheath Diamondbacks this season. This would indicate that the balance of power in the NBL race could be shifting towards the Mets. All the scouting reports received so far seem to support this.

Herts Falcons (5-1) go into Saturday’s titanic clash tied at the top of the NBL standings with the Southampton Mustangs (5-1). They know that a sweep for the Mets would push them down into third place while the Mets will go into first. The first pitch in this doubleheader is scheduled for 1pm. If you don’t have anything else planned for this Bank Holiday Saturday, get down to Finsbury Park for this top-of-the-table matchup.