Players have started signing up for the teams to represent Herts in the Little League World Series

The Little League World Series has been attracting millions of ESPN viewers over the years. Some of the games draw larger audiences than Major League Baseball games which are being played at the same time. The equivalent example for British sports fans would be if the FA Youth Cup attracted more TV viewers than the Premier League game televised on Sky Sports at the same time.

Every August the best little league teams from across the globe travel to Williamsport Pennsylvania to determine the champions in the different age groups. But before this there are a series of qualification games being played at regional level, moving up to national and then continental qualifying rounds, similar to the qualification process for the football World Cup.


Over the last few years only one team from Great Britain has been entering the Little League Europe and Africa qualifying games. This year it looks like more British baseball clubs will be entering the competition and Herts Baseball Club is one of these organisations which plans to apply for entry.

The fact that more than one British team plans to enter implies that the British representatives in the Europe and Africa qualifying rounds will be decided in an elimination tournament later this year.

In order to comply with the eligibility requirements, Herts baseball Club is beginning the process of registering players for this competition. The club is inviting anyone in the following age groups to contact the club with a view to being added to the rosters.

• Little League “Major” Division for players aged 9, 10, 11 and 12 on 1 May 2013

• Junior League Division for players aged 12, 13 and 14 on 1 May 2013

Those who are outside of these age groups can still contact the club in order to sign up for the regular season with the Herts teams in the appropriate age group.

Herts Baseball Club is able to welcome players regardless of previous experience. Even those who have never played the game before can sign up. The coaching staff will assess all candidates and determine the final rosters. To register or to find out more about this opportunity contact Herts Baseball Club.