Herts softball players reporting for duty this Wednesday. Club looking to appoint paid staff.

Summer is here and the Herts Softball Programme is staging midweek evening open training sessions over the next two weeks. The club is looking to build on last year when the Herts softball programme started. It now has a mailing list of over 50 players.

The first session is on Wednesday, 19 June, and the second on 26 June. They will be held at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead which is one of the best baseball venues in this country.

Sessions will start from 6:30pm and end around 8:30pm.

These sessions are for boys and girls, men and women aged 14 and above, from complete beginners to advanced players. To cover costs, on the day players will be asked to pay £2 per session.

To sign up for these sessions or to receive more details, please contact us.

Over the next few weeks the Herts Softball League will also be looking for people to perform the following roles and they will receive pay of between £50 and £150 over the course of the season.

Team Managers – duties include overseeing and co-ordinating team activities, coaching, provision of equipment, delegating tasks and other aspects of managing the team.

Coaches – duties include running training sessions and supporting team managers as a coach during games.

Softball League Department Staff – the Herts Softball League is looking to invite corporations from the nearby industrial zones to create teams and enter the league. To administer this the club is looking to add 2 or 3 members of staff to run league operations.

If you are interested in these roles or would like to receive more details please contact us.