Herts Home Run Derby with a difference

(Note: Event schedule updated to fit in rained out U17 games from earlier in the season, as London Mets U17 confirmed availability)

The superstars of Major League Baseball gathered in front of a packed Citi Field in New York last week for the annual Home Run Derby as part of the MLB All Star week. This week it is the turn of the Herts Home Run Derby.

Herts Baseball Club has members who play in the five senior baseball leagues, but the club also has the youth team players aged from 6 to 16 as well as softball players and all of them will be competing for the Herts Home Run Champion title. Different outfield fences will be set up for the different teams and age groups reflecting the field distances they play on during their league games. This will mean that, for example, 5-year-old William Morillo will be able to compete against his 15-year old brother Jose Morillo, his father Jose Antonio, and also against Herts Falcons and NBL All Star centerfielder, Cris Hiche.

There will be the added angle of buckets filled with water scattered around the diamond. If a hit ball drops into the bucket the batter will be awarded a free drink from the Herts concessions bar.


The day will begin with an exhibition game between the Herts Harriers and a Herts All Star team featuring players from the club’s five senior league teams. There will be baseball activities for all other age groups before the Home Run Derby as the club welcomes newcomers to the game as part of the Olympics Legacy Festival of Sport in Dacorum Borough.

The day will end with an exhibition softball game involving baseball and softball players as well as parents of the Herts youth team players.


Throughout the event, the concessions stand will be running at full capacity offering hot and cold drinks and various traditional baseball snacks from hot dogs to Big League Chew.


10:00am, Updated: Herts Harriers vs London Mets (New Diamond) U17 League Game

11:00am, Baseball drills and exercises for all age groups, youth and adult (Old Diamond)

12:00pm, Lunch

12:15pm, Home Run Derby (New Diamond)

1:00pm, Updated: London Mets vs Horsham Hornets (Old Diamond) U17 League Game

2:00pm, Exhibition Softball Game

3:00pm, Event ends


The event will take place at Grovehill Ballpark, the home of Herts Baseball Club (click for venue address and details)


If you are not already on the club’s mailing lists contact us for details how to take part in this event. Everyone is welcome – male and female players of all ages.