Falcons and Harriers team news ahead of the title-deciding weekend

The Herts Falcons and Herts Harriers have announced their playing and non-playing rosters for the National Baseball Championships games this weekend.


Centerfielder Cristobal Hiche will miss the games due an international call-up playing for the Chile National Team in the South American Championships. Dave Tretheway is on the long-term disabled list with an ankle injury (squash injury), but he has been added as a base coach. Louis Hare is a major doubt still recovering from a fractured elbow (football injury).


Tom Jansson-Wright is a major doubt after still recovering from a knee injury sustained last month in a cycling race. Recovery has not gone as well as it was hoped and an extra MRI scan was required last week. Alec Broadbent is out with a long-term injury (athletics).

A large number of the Herts Harriers players are also listed in the Herts Falcons roster and, in addition to their U17 championship games, they may be required as backup in the NBL games this weekend.


91 John Blose
44 Christobal Hiche
66 Darrin Ward
5 Carlos Velazco-Carus
2 Robbie Unsell
76 David House
92 Xavier Gonzalez
34 Jordan Farkas
72 Phil Clark
64 Ryan Bird
15 Michael Osborn
20 Dave Westfallen
16 Louis Hare
14 Lee Manning
22 Mike Cattermole
95 Liam Green
20 Tom Everex-Armstrong
8 Conner Brown
54 Carlos Casal Jr
75 Jake Caress
74 Carlos Casal
7 Andy Cornish
62 Jose Morillo
14 Lee Manning Manager
80 David Tretheway First Base Coach
#00 Kevin Freeman Bench Coach
Joe Gray Board Member & Stats Dept
4 Aspi Dimitrov Board Member
12 Kal Dimitrov Bullpen catcher
William Morillo Bat boy
Tony Marshall Fitness Coach



73 Alec Broadbent
17 Alex Guthrie
Alex Morris
25 Brodie Caress
19 Callum Vangundy
28 Cameron Choudhuri
57 Carlos Casal Jr
41 Charlie Mayhew
8 Conner Brown
Conor Oswell
2 Drew Mayhew
78 Jonny Compton-Weight
62 Jose Morillo
83 Kieran Manning
54 Lewis Green
Matteo Manzi
9 Nimrod Wynne
20 Tom Everex-Armstrong
88 Tom Jansson-Wright
Tom Pecorini
66 Warwick Byrne
88 William Zucker
47 Zack Longboy
11 Arnold Longboy Manager (Standing in for Cristobal Hiche)
30 Mark Caress Bench Coach
Gary Armstrong 1B Coach
44 Cristobal Hiche Manager (overseas on international duty)
74 Carlos Casal Sr 3B Coach
Tony Marshall Fitness Coach
Bat Boy/Girl TBC