Hunlock Series team managers announced

We understand Blue Dogs co-manager, Andrew Slater, along with his partner, Nick Russell have been spending sleepless nights formulating their Hunlock Series Draft strategy. Will it pay off this evening at 8:30pm?

We are counting down to the 2013 Hunlock Series Draft which will take place this Thursday, 26 September at 8:30pm.

Following the news that the Series has been expanded into 5 teams, the managers of the teams have also been announced.

The Red Roosters won it 12 months ago. They will look to defend their Hunlock Series with co-managers, Adrian Smithers and Ken Pike. The Blue Dogs and Black Widows finished tied in second place in 2012. They will be managed by managerial duos of Ben Marques and Joseph Osborne-Brade for the Blue Dogs, while the Black Widows will be led by Andrew Slater and Nick Russell.

White Lightning had a South African influence throughout in last year’s contest. Will that group of players be reunited under the management of Carlos Casal Jr? The expansion team, Green Eggs and Ham, will be managed by Duncan Hoyle and Cris Hiche, fresh from his exploits in the South American Championships with Chile.


The Hunlock Series Draft is scheduled for 8:30pm this Thursday, 26 September. You can follow it live on Herts TV. In previous years the Draft was presented as a show with player and manager interviews. This year the show will have a different format. Viewers will be able to listen to live audio from the Hunlock Series Draft Centre as the team managers make their picks and try to outsmart each other before the first pitch has even been thrown. Viewers will also be able to follow the picks on the Hunlock Series Draft control panel.