Black Widows win 2013 Hunlock Series, for now.

The Black Widows management went out from the first round of the Hunlock Series draft with the intention to pick any and all available pitchers including Darrin Ward (photo by Rob Jones)

The final weekend of Hunlock Series games was rained out and weather conditions mean that the Series will most likely end without completing that final round of games. The Black Widows would be declared the 2013 Hunlock Series winners as they currently sit on top of the standings.

The organisers have left an option open that the final round of games may be played in the event of warm and dry weather drying the baseball diamonds sufficiently before winter arrives, so players of the four teams which trail the Black Widows in the standings will be watching weather reports with a great deal of enthusiasm in the coming weeks.


Black Widows 6.5 1.5 0.813 W1 22 4 2-0
Red Roosters 5 3 0.625 1.25 W2 21 20 3-1
Green Gators 4 4 0.500 2.25 W1 25 33 1-0
Blue Dogs 3 5 0.375 3.25 L4 18 23 1-1
White Lightning 1.5 6.5 0.188 5.0 L1 18 24 0-5