Dave Ames returns to the Herts Board as Club Secretary

Herts Baseball Club has announced that Dave Ames has been appointed as Club Secretary and member of the Executive Board.

Ames joined Herts in 2012 after previously playing for the Old Timers. He was part of the Herts Eagles roster during the 2012 and 2013 seasons playing second base. However, an ongoing ankle injury meant that he missed almost all of the 2013 season. The medical complications may mean that he may not be able to be involved on the field but he is keen to continue contributing off the field.

The Club Secretary role remained vacant after the club’s annual general meeting in November and Dave Ames’ appointment has now been confirmed.

Herts President Aspi Dimitrov said: “Dave joining the Board is fantastic news, not just in terms of increasing the capacity of the club’s front office and Executive Board, but also adds key expertise”. Ames is a town planner and his professional credentials may prove to be very valuable in upcoming club projects.