The Dynamic Duo becomes the Formidable Trio

Herts Baseball Club has reacted quickly after the rejection of the Herts Raptors bid to be promoted to the Double-A League, by appointing Herts Raptors Manager, Arnie Longboy, as the joint-Herts Hawks Manager. This means that the Herts Hawks will be managed by three co-Managers in 2014. Longboy joins current co-Managers, Andy Cornish and Greg Bochan. The Cornish and Bochan managerial team has become known in media circles as the Dynamic Duo. Members of the media will have to find a new name for this newly formed managerial trio.

We have been searching through the archives to find other sports teams which have had three joint managers. There have been several high-profile cases of teams with two joint managers such as Roy Evans and Gerard Houllier at Liverpool Football Club in 1998 and Jimmy Quinn and Mick Gooding at Reading Football Club, but so far our search has been unsuccessful. Does this mean that Herts Baseball Club has made sporting history with today’s announcement? We invite our readers to send in any details which they are able to find in our search for another sports team with three joint managers.

The Herts Hawks will play in the Double-A League which is where the Herts Raptors were hoping to be this season, but after their application was rejected the Herts Hawks will be the team where Herts will have to fit players who are most suited to the standard of baseball played in the Double-A League.