Herts Baseball Club and Astley Cooper School establish a new baseball programme

Herts Baseball Club has teamed up with Astley Cooper School for the launch of a satellite baseball club. It will open up an opportunity for boys and girls aged 10 to 16 to play baseball. Events will be taking place on Tuesdays after school. The club commences on Tuesday, 6 May, and the weekly baseball events will continue right up until the final Tuesday of the school year on 15 July. Coaches from Herts Baseball Club will introduce students to the game of baseball.

Apart from Astley Cooper School’s 500 pupils, students from other schools are also welcome to take part in this club.

This programme is funded by Herts Sports Partnership with the goal of increasing participation in sport among youngsters.

Students don’t have to wait for Tuesday to play baseball. Herts Baseball Club is one of the leading clubs in the UK and is located just five minutes away from Astley Cooper School. They can sign up to play with the Herts youth teams covering ages from 6 to 16 and with the adult teams for those over the age of 16. The Herts teams compete in regional leagues, the national championships and internationally with Little League Inc. along with 2.6 million other participants in 75 countries.

Herts Baseball Club President, Aspi Dimitrov, was keen to emphasise the importance of this project. “Over the last 10 years we have been growing at an average rate of 27% per annum and this programme is expected to boost growth further” said Dimitrov. He added that “as it develops, the hope is that this can expand into a baseball league involving teams representing different schools from around the region”.

OPEN DAY – 10 MAY 2014

In addition to the launch of the baseball programme in Astley Cooper School, Herts Baseball Club will stage an Open Day on Saturday, 10 May 2014. Boys and girls from 6 to 18 will have the opportunity to enjoy a day packed with baseball activities alongside existing members of the club’s youth league teams.

For details about the Open Day or how to try baseball for free on Tuesdays at Astley Cooper School or on Saturdays at Grovehill Ballpark contact Herts Baseball Club.