Hunlock Series managers announced. The Draft is at 8pm Thursday, 28 August

We are counting down to the 2014 Hunlock Series Draft which will take place this Thursday, 28 August at 8:00pm. This year the Draft will not be televised but, with social media challenging TV as a media platform, coverage of this year’s Draft will be via Facebook. It will enable participants to interact more easily as the managers make their picks. For more details follow Herts Baseball Club on facebook.

Four teams enter this year’s competition and the managerial appointments have just been announced.

Ken Pike has previously won the Series and he is back in the managerial seat. He has teamed up with Glen Downer as the co-managers of the Red Roosters.

The Blue Dogs will be managed by two players who will be making their managerial debuts. Charlie Day and Manny Banson played for the Herts Raptors during the regular season. The Hunlock Series will give them the opportunity of seeing what life is like as a manager and it will be interesting to see if they can outsmart their more experienced counterparts.

Black Widows won the Series 12 months ago. They will be managed by Colin Whitton, who is a member of the Herts Harriers (U17) coaching staff and of course is also the manager of the Bracknell Blazers who came so close to reaching the National Baseball League playoffs this season. Colin’s son, Dan, who plays for the Herts Harriers in the U17 League, the Blazers in the NBL and also for the GB U17 National Team, is among the players who will be drafted on Thursday Night. Will Colin manage to pick Dan or will one of the other teams snatch him ahead of his father.

White Lightning will be managed by Sony Lama. He has played for the Herts Raptors, Hawks and Eagles in the Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A leagues and will go into the Draft with good all-round knowledge of the capabilities of most of the players in the Draft.

Fans will see some new faces in the Hunlock Series this year who have joined the club in the last few weeks, so there will be an element of surprise in Thursday’s Draft. Some of them may be new to Herts fans but they are not new to the game. The Hunlock Series could be a glimpse at some of the new players who will be wearing the Herts uniform for the first time in 2015.