Herts confirm Jeff Witter’s board appointment as head of under-14 baseball

At its Annual General Meeting, Herts Baseball Club announced the appointment of Jeff Witter as a board member heading the under-14 baseball department. He has been a member of the club since 2009 acting both as a player and as a member of the club’s under-12 and under-14 coaching staff, in addition to other roles.

For the last two seasons the under-14 baseball department was headed by Jake Caress, who has now moved to the club’s Triple-A League department, as the co-manager of the Herts Eagles alongside Arnie Longboy.

The club is currently preparing its plans for the 2015 season and the under-14 department is an area it hopes to grow and develop further. “The next two years are critical for the Herts youth baseball programme and we need passionate and professional people like Jeff to realize the ambitious plans which we are putting in place at the moment” said club president, Aspi Dimitrov. If these plans materialise Jeff Witter will be hoping to add quite a large number of coaches to his department. The club’s annual general meeting indicated that these expansion plans depend on a grant application which was submitted recently. Securing such funding would give Jeff Witter and the club’s other youth baseball departments the start-up capital needed to launch this expansion project.