Blow for Herts Falcons ahead of the 2015 NBL season

Herts Falcons build-up to the start of the 2015 NBL season has had a setback as Pau Sancho will not be making his debut, at least not in the 2015 season. He joined the team this winter after his move to London from Germany where he played for the Bonn Capitals in 2014.

The decision comes after a change in Pau Sancho’s personal circumstances which will mean that he will be moving from London back to Germany in April where he is expected to rejoin the Bonn Capitals.

The Spanish infielder was expected to fill one of the middle-infield positions for the Falcons and add some serious power to the batting lineup. Herts players have enjoyed his presence in Spring Training and Pau Sancho will stay in training with the teams right up until his departure to Germany in April. This will give him an opportunity to prepare for the new Bundesliga baseball season.

There is hope that circumstances will bring Pau Sancho back to the United Kingdom in the future, so it is not out of the question to see him wear the Herts jersey eventually. Everyone at the club will hope that this can become a reality.

This is an unusual case of a player transferring from one club to another and then moving on to another club before a game has been played. There are some similar examples from the world of sport. The best came in 1998 when Coventry City signed Croatian footballer Robert Jarni from Betis (Spain) in a £2.6m move, but he was sold on to Real Madrid just a few weeks later before making any appearances. Coventry City received £3.4m for him making a £0.8m profit from the deal. Another is Dietmar Hamman’s move to Bolton from Liverpool, later ending up with Manchester City. Send us other similar examples from the world of sport.