Herts Baseball teams up with Middlesex University to promote baseball in North West London

Herts Baseball Club has teamed up with Middlesex University to introduce adults and youngsters in North West London to the game of baseball.

A large number of open sessions have already been scheduled to take place at Middlesex University’s modern sports facilities and these are proving to be very popular already. The University has been promoting these events and a large number of students have signed up over the last few weeks. In addition, Herts Baseball Club is promoting these sessions through other channels as part of the launch of its North West London branch which is located just a few minutes away at West Hendon Playing Fields.

“We are pleased to have established this relationship with Middlesex University” said Herts Baseball Club President, Aspi Dimitrov. “They have outstanding facilities and we are already looking into ways of expanding the relationship further by exploring areas which could be of mutual benefit not just this year but for many years to come”.

The sessions which started in February and will end in April will take place at the 3G artificial field at Middlesex University. Players will also have access to five batting lanes as well as other facilities.

For details of upcoming open sessions click here.