Falcons vs Mets Build-up: Rivalry resumes this Sunday

The Herts Falcons travel to the London Mets this Sunday. It’s the game we have been waiting for since the start of the season. It’s first versus second in British baseball’s top league.

The Falcons suffered heavy defeats last Sunday against Bracknell. They have a chance to redeem themselves this Sunday at Finsbury Park. The London Mets are sitting comfortably in first place, with eight wins and no losses. Bracknell and Southampton came close to ending their unbeaten run but the Mets seem to have the ability to come back regardless of how many runs they trail by and how late in the game it is.

So far this season the Mets have had the best defence while the Falcons have had the best offence.  Who will end up on top on Sunday, defence or offence?

The Mets-Falcons rivalry has been building up over the last few years on and off the field. Many would argue that the competition between the two teams has been one of the main reasons for the incredible growth and development of facilities which the two clubs have achieved in a short period of time. Long may this rivalry continue.

The game starts at 12pm at Finsbury Park. Herts fans travelling by car are advised that there will be a marathon at Finsbury Park and they should contact us to receive a copy of a letter from Haringey Council which permits them to enter the area and park their car.