British Baseball mourns the death of umpire Dave Smith

Herts Baseball Club received the sad news that Dave Smith passed away last Thursday after battling with medical issues over the last few months.

Over the years Dave umpired in the National Baseball League which is British Baseball’s highest league. He also supported Herts Baseball Club umpiring youth baseball and games at all other league levels as well as some of the largest tournaments in Great Britain such as the Herts Futures Tournament, Herts Spring League and others.

His involvement with Herts Baseball Club extended into other roles including being part of the club’s coaching staff. Before becoming an umpire Dave played for many years mainly as a middle infielder and sometimes at first base.

He was a true baseball fan and, even on days when he wasn’t umpiring or coaching and despite medical difficulties in recent months, he enjoyed coming down to the ballpark to watch whatever games or training sessions were taking place, following the progress of players and teams.

Herts Baseball Club and the wider British Baseball community has lost one of its friends.

We will miss you Dave. Our thoughts are with your family.