HSL to use New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays game instead of coin toss to break tie for first place

The Herts Spring League issued an announcement that it will use today’s MLB Opening Day game between New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays instead of a “coin toss” to break the tie for first place in the HSL Double-A Standings between Birmingham Bandits and Herts Hawks. See the full statement below.


The final games of the 2017 Herts Spring League took place this weekend. Birmingham Bandits and Herts Hawks both finished with a 3-0 record and are tied for first place in the HSL Double-A standings. The first, second and third tie-break rules did not break the tie as both teams conceded 0.815 runs per inning over all of their HSL games. The fourth and final tie-break rule stipulates that the tie will be broken by a toss of a coin.

As today is Opening Day in MLB, it has been decided not to toss a coin and instead the New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays game will be used to break the tie. It has randomly been determined that a win for the New York Yankees would imply that the Birmingham Bandits have won the coin toss, while a win for Tampa Bay Ray would mean that the Herts Hawks have won.

The Yankees @ Rays game commences at 6:10pm UK time and can be watched on BT Sport or on MLB.TV.

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