Herts Baseball Club 2018 AGM details announced

Herts Baseball Club has confirmed that its 21st Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, 13 January 2018.

In 2017 the club continued its growth and success on and off the field. The AGM will provide a deeper understanding of the club’s present position, and will set out the plans for 2018 and beyond. Members will receive the AGM Information Pack in due course and that will give a better idea of what to expect at the meeting.

In accordance with the Constitution, a number of Board positions will be up for election at the upcoming AGM either as part of the annual retirement of a third of the Board positions or because they are vacant.

The club is now inviting nominations for the following Board positions:

• Secretary
• Manager First Team – Herts Falcons
• Manager Second Team – Herts Hawks
• Manager Third Team – Herts Raptors
• Youth League Commissioner
• Head of U13 Baseball
• Head of U11 Baseball
• Head of U8 Baseball
• Head of Softball
• Communications Director
• IT Director
• Facilities Manager

Those who are interested to put their name forward or second a nomination can contact the club for more details.

Although only 2017 club members have the right to vote at the AGM, the meeting is very much open to former members and those who are considering joining the club in 2017 as players, members of staff, volunteers and fans. This is a good opportunity for newcomers to learn more about the club and meet its members. The meeting is also open to observers who are not members of the Club. Non-members who plan to attend would need to advise the club in advance as spaces are limited. If you are not a current member and wish to attend the AGM please contact the club.

The AGM will be held just a few minutes away from Grovehill Ballpark, at Gadebridge Community Centre.

DATE: Saturday, 13 January 2018
TIME: Registration starts at 11:00am, the AGM will commence at 11:10am (expected to end at around 2:45pm)
VENUE: Galley Hall, Gadebridge Community Centre, The Nokes, Rossgate, Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 3LF (Directions and Map)