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Coach Monte Brooks is coming back to the UK to work with Herts players

Coach Monte Brooks is coming back to the UK to work with Herts players

In June 2019 the head coach of The Master’s University baseball team, Monte Brooks, was a special guest of Herts Baseball Club and Herts players had the unique opportunity of being coached by him.

He will be coming back to the UK and he will once again be working with the Herts adult and youth teams at the club’s two branches in Hemel Hempstead and in London. The two events which he will be taking part in are:

  • 6pm, Wednesday, 1 June, Grovehill Ballpark, Hemel Hempstead
  • 6pm, Thursday, 2 June, Basing Hill Ballpark, London

Brooks has just completed his 26th season as head coach of The Master’s University baseball team in the USA. He is the program’s all-time leader in wins with a record of 790-535. He has led the Mustangs to four NAIA World Series appearances (2000, 2013, 2016, 2017) and three regular-season GSAC titles.

As a player, Brooks was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 1987 with whom he spent four seasons in the minor leagues and later coached in the Padres organisation before his appointment with Master’s University.

Players who have developed through The Master’s University have gone on to be drafted by MLB clubs. One of them is Conner Menez (pictured above) who was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the 14th round of the 2016 MLB Draft. Shortly after Coach Brooks’ visit to London in 2019, Menez made his MLB debut for the Giants where he played until last year. This season he was signed by the Chicago Cubs and with rumours going around that the 2023 MLB London Series will feature the Chicago Cubs and the St Louis Cardinals, Herts fans may have the opportunity to see Menez in action at the London Stadium.

Coach Brooks’ area of expertise is working with hitters and infielders so his visit to the club is a fantastic opportunity for players from the various Herts teams.

The sessions are open to all current Herts members as well as new players who are considering joining the club. If you are not a current club member and wish to take part in one of these sessions, please contact us.

Herts Cardinals to make BBF league debut this Sunday. Interview with Manager Brian Dearing.

Herts Cardinals to make BBF league debut this Sunday. Interview with Manager Brian Dearing.

The wait is over for the newest team in the Herts Baseball family, the Herts Cardinals. They will play their first ever BBF league game this Sunday, May 1st. Their Triple-A league campaign starts on the road at the Bournemouth Bears (4-2).

Bournemouth Bears vs Herts Cardinals

Ferndowne Leisure Centre

As we build-up to the team’s season opener, we had a chance to chat with Cardinals player-manager, Brian Dearing.

Q: Welcome to Herts Baseball Club.  After a number of years playing elsewhere in British baseball, how are you feeling about the new start?

A: I feel very good about move to Herts, the club has been incredibly welcoming and supportive. I’ve heard it over and over from members of the team, they feel at home already and we can’t thank Herts enough for everything they have done to make our transition a success.

Q: As several players from last year’s London Mammoths roster have joined, the Herts Cardinals roster already seems to have strong foundations.  What are your expectations for this year? Do you think the team can hit the ground running and be involved in the Triple-A playoff race in their first season?

A: First, I would say my main goal this year is to make sure our club transition is a complete success for the players, I believe our team is possibly the strongest it has ever been. Our entire roster moved to Herts, and we have had some tremendous ball players participate in our try-outs. We have already hit the ground running, and feel confident that we will be a competitive and fun team to play in 2022.

Q: Herts fans are excited about the Basing Hill Ballpark project and the club is currently raising funds for the second phase. Whether in MLB, NFL or the Premier League, clubs get enormous injection of energy when they move into their new home.  Basing Hill cannot compare to those enormous sports venues but do you think that there could be a similar effect for Herts players?

A: I can only speak to the Cardinals, but we are both moving venues and clubs. I think that we’ve got a huge injection of energy. The team is very motivated right now to train, improve, be competitive, and win a championship (or make a playoff run). 2022 is going to be a lot of fun.

Q: If everything goes to plan, the ballpark is scheduled to open in May and as a result the Herts Cardinals have to play their first few league games away from home.  Would this have an effect on the team’s plans?

A: We are really excited to play on the newly renovated Basing Hill field, and the BBF has very helpfully organized around the construction timeline so there is no effect on the team.

Q: When you moved from America you spent some time playing for the Edinburgh Cannons. Our players and fans might not be very familiar with the Scottish League and would be curious to learn how baseball in Scotland compares to the British baseball leagues.

A: Scottish Baseball is a blast, and is run by some great characters. There is only one “level”, so there is huge diversity on each team in terms of baseball ability and knowledge, which is fun and challenging! Overall, they’ve got a lot of dedicated players, and good access to equipment. I never expected that when I moved to the UK from the USA!

Q: You experienced baseball both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Are there elements that are very effective in growing the game in the US which British clubs should put greater emphasis on?

A: I think an emphasis on high quality fields, and access to practice facilities, would bring a greater level of seriousness to the game. I think also that there are so many baseball-player transplants in London that just don’t know they could play baseball in London or the UK, so ways to market our club and federation would be a great start.

Q: Finally, do you have a message for Herts baseball fans ahead of the 2022 season?

A: We look forward to meeting you and enjoying the new Basing Hill facility together!

Opening Day rosters published

Opening Day rosters published

After two months of Spring Training and three weeks of Herts Spring League games, the managers of the five Herts adult league teams have confirmed their Opening Day rosters. Just like Major League Baseball, there may be movement of players up and down the leagues in accordance with BBF regulations.

Herts Cardinals (Triple-A League)

1usaJames Hicks1B, P---
2usaSean BennettP, 2B, SS---
3gbrAndy Cornish2B, 3B---
4cubOsvaldo Badia Rivero1B, 3B---
5usaTyler CoteC, OF, P---
6gbrWill DavisIF, OF---
7usaJoshua Pines1B---
8usaBrian DearingP, SS---
9gbrJames CavanaghC, OF---
10usaArik RavivP---
11hkg“Stephen” Chun Hung WongC, IF, OF---
12canRobert LaflammeOF---
13cubJavier Cardenas TomasOF---
14ltuVytas Macenas2B, 3B---
15gerYves SchwarzbartIF, OF---
16gbrMichael Cresswell1B, OF, P---
17cubgbrRoberto HernandezOF, 2B---

Herts Hawks (Single-A League)

1usaElroy DavisSS---
2gbrMichael Cunningham1B, OF---
3gbrHarry McmenaminP, 3B---
4gbrDanny PrestonIF, OF---
5irlAntonio LourencoIF, OF---
6gbrPaul Le GuillouLF---
7gbrAntony LavenderCF---
8gbrKennet PikeC, P, SS---
9porLuis MartinsIF---
10rsaDeclan CarleanOF, P, SS---
11canCameron SchultzC---
12gbrHarry EwenIF, OF, 2B---
13gbrNick BarnabyIF, OF, SS---
14porPedro MartinsP, SS---
15gbrTodd NevilleIF, OF---
16gbrCharlie ObrienC, OF---
17gbrDale HardwickCF---
18gbrLaurence Currington1B, IF---
19gbrPeter HoggIF, OF---
20gbrJack ObrienIF, OF, P---

Herts Raptors (Single-A League)

1gbrTom RokerIF, OF---
2gbrJamie BerlofskyOF, 2B---
3gbrBeth WainIF, OF---
4gbrBradley CalvertIF---
5ncaJoel EdenIF, OF---
6gbrjpnMarcus WathewIF, OF---
7gbrHarry WilliamsonIF, OF---
8gbrJack BurkettIF, OF---
9ltuMantas PoderysIF, P---
10gbrSimon Jackson-TurnerIF, OF---
11gbrBilly PerryIF, OF---
12gbrPaul AuchterlounieC, P---
13usaJohn Kjorstad1B, OF---
14gbrAdam ScalesIF, OF---
15gbrMax FarmbroughIF, OF, P---
16gbrEllie PageC, OF---
17porLuis MartinsIF---
18gbrRory VangundyOF, P, SS---
19gbrNoah TaborCF, LF---
20gbrLauren Dutch1B---
21gbrCalum ThompsonIF, OF---
22gbrJordon FoxSS---
23gbrJamie WiseIF, OF---
24gbrThomas BrowneIF, OF, P---

Herts Eagles (Single-A League)

1ausMichael WakelamC, IF, P, SS, 3B---
2gbrIsabella TrautmanIF, OFR/R--
3gbrAishiek Mitra NandyIF, OF---
4gbrReece Williamson-WhiteIF, OF---
5gbrAndy StratfordIF, OF, 2B---
6usaMax Trautman1B, OF---
7gbrPeter WilsonOF---
8gbrcypBradley CharalambousC---
9indParas Patravale3B---
10usaArik RavivP---
11gbrThomas HillC, SS---
12gbrMichael Anunobi1B---
13gbrKumail JafferIF, OF, 2B, SS, 3B---
14gbrNeil Chilton1B, OF, P---
15domGiorgio FerroniC, OF---
16usaDaniel GippleIF, OF---
17usaEvan RobinsIF, OF---
18gbrAlexander TrautmanIF, OF, P---
19gbrMichael GreenOF---
20gbrJoe GippleIF, OF, 2B---
21ausSaira SmithC, OF, P---
22denMohamed AbduleIF, OF---
23gbrJamie Lang-RichardsC, IF, P, SS---

Herts Londoners (Single-A League)

1gbrSammy EnglishIF, P, SS---
2gbrJack PageIF, OF---
3gbrZak BellerIF, OF, 2B---
4gbrAspi DimitrovIF/OF, IF, OF, P---
5gbrRob JonesC, 1B, IF, 2B---
6gbrHenry BellCF, IF, OF, PR/R--
7gbrMatthew BellIF/OF---
8usaArnold LongboyC, IF, P---
9usaGreg Bochan1B, IF, P, 3B---
10gbrJoseph FieldOF---
11tpeKenny Liao1B---
12tpeWei Chieh WangIF, P, 2B, 3B---
13usaCory EnglishIF, P, SS---
14gerNicolas GoetzIF, P, 3B---
15gbrHunter DevineC, CF, IF, OF, 2B---
16gbrJason ReynoldsCF, IF, OFR/R--
17gbrDan TaylorRF, 2B---
18gbrZephaniah Prime MenciasC, OF, P---
19gbrLuke WardC, OF, 2B---
20tpeNorman Peng1B, IF, LF, OF, 2B---
21venGilberto MedinaSS---
22gbrAndrew Slater1B, IF, P, 2B---
Sean Bennett joins Herts board

Sean Bennett joins Herts board

Sean Bennett has been co-opted to the board of Herts Baseball Club. He is one of the many new players who have joined the club and who will be playing for the Herts Cardinals in the BBF Triple-A league this year.

He and Herts Cardinals manager, Brian Dearing, have worked together as co-managers of the London Mammoths in the past and they will be operating together again. Dearing will be focusing on team management while Bennett will be covering the board duties as a representative of the Herts Cardinals department.

This approach is expected to help spread the workload, increase productivity and bring even more people with baseball and professional experience to the club’s front office.

“I look forward to working with the rest of the board and helping the club where I can to build upon its many successes” said Bennett.

Herts Baseball Club now has eleven board members.

Herts teams announce preliminary 2022 rosters for the HSL

Herts teams announce preliminary 2022 rosters for the HSL

The five Herts teams have announced their preliminary rosters for the 2022 Herts Spring League .

We understand that these rosters are not fixed and it is likely that there may be movement between teams over the course of the HSL. Some players may play for more than one team as managers look to evaluate them ahead of the announcement of the 2022 Opening Day rosters. The Eagles and Londoners rosters are combined for this reason and may split later in the HSL.

The HSL games commence on March 19th.

New players are registering every week, therefore some new names may be added to the rosters over the course of the HSL and throughout the league season.

Herts Cardinals (Triple-A)

  • Alexander Trautman
  • Andy Cornish
  • Arik Raviv
  • Brian Dearing
  • James Cavanagh
  • James Hicks
  • Javier  Cardenas Tomas
  • Joshua Pines
  • Michael Anunobi
  • Michael Wakelam
  • Nicolas Goetz
  • Osvaldo Badia Rivero
  • Paras Patravale
  • Robert Laflamme
  • Roberto  Hernandez
  • Sean Bennett
  • Tetsuro Shinkawa
  • Tyler Cote
  • Vytas Macenas
  • Will Davis
  • Yves Schwarzbart

Herts Hawks (Single-A)

  • Andy Cornish
  • Antonio Lourenco
  • Antony Lavender
  • Cameron Schultz
  • Charlie Obrien
  • Dale Hardwick
  • Danny Preston
  • Declan Carlean
  • Elroy Davis
  • Harry Ewen
  • Harry Mcmenamin
  • Jack Obrien
  • Jordon Fox
  • Kennet Pike
  • Laurence Currington
  • Luis Martins
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Nick Barnaby
  • Paul Le Guillou
  • Pedro Martins
  • Peter Hogg
  • Todd Neville

Herts Raptors (Single–A)

  • Adam Scales
  • Beth Wain
  • Billy Perry
  • Calum Thompson
  • Ellie Page
  • James Morrell
  • James Watson
  • Jamie Berlofsky
  • Jamie Wise
  • Joel Eden
  • John Kjorstad
  • Lauren Dutch
  • Marcus Wathew
  • Mantas Poderys
  • Max Farmbrough
  • Neil Chilton
  • Noah  Tabor
  • Paul Auchterlounie
  • Rory Vangundy
  • Simon Jackson-Turner
  • Thomas Browne
  • Tom Roker

Herts Eagles / Herts Londoners (Single-A)

  • Aishiek Mitra Nandy
  • Alexander Trautman
  • Andy Stratford
  • Arnold Longboy
  • Aspi Dimitrov
  • Brad Charalambous
  • Bryan Mencias
  • Cory English
  • Dan Taylor
  • Daniel Gipple
  • Gilberto Medina
  • Giorgio Ferroni
  • Greg Bochan
  • Henry Bell
  • Hunter Devine
  • Isabella Trautman
  • James Angelou
  • Jamie Lang-Richards
  • Jason Reynolds
  • Joe Gipple
  • Joseph  Field
  • Kenny Liao
  • Kumail Jaffer
  • Kwong yan Li
  • Luke Ward
  • Mark Lewinson
  • Matthew Bell
  • Max Trautman
  • Michael Green
  • Michael Wakelam
  • Mohamed Abdule
  • Nicolas Goetz
  • Norman Peng
  • Peter Wilson
  • Rob Jones
  • Saira Smith
  • Sammy English
  • Thomas Hill
  • Wei Chieh Wang
  • Yu Tsz Cheung
  • Zak Beller
  • Zephaniah Prime Mencias

Players, from beginners to advanced, are now registering for the 2022 baseball season. For more details about how to join the Herts baseball teams in Hemel Hempstead and in NW London or for more details about the HSL or if you are interested to give baseball a try in this competition contact Herts Baseball Club.

Countdown to HSL – first chance to see the teams ahead of the 2022 British baseball season

Countdown to HSL – first chance to see the teams ahead of the 2022 British baseball season

The biggest pre-season baseball competition in Britain is back. Commencing on March 19, the Herts Spring League (HSL) will see 19 teams compete over the 3 weeks of the HSL. Organised by Herts Baseball Club, it is Britain’s version of MLB’s Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues currently under way in the US, and it signals that the season is just around the corner.


The 19 teams will be entered into three HSL tiers – NBL, Double-A and Single-A.

The organisers considered the possibility of a tournament format, but ultimately adopted a league format in the same way as the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues in MLB. “The objective of the HSL is to enable the teams to prepare for the new season and we have noticed that teams are increasingly starting to approach the HSL in the same way as MLB teams approach the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues” said HSL Commissioner, Aspi Dimitrov. He added “we have taken this into account when formulating the schedule putting greater emphasis on the preferences and preparatory requirements of the teams over the format of the competition”.

The teams finishing at the top of their respective division will be the HSL champions.

The Venue

The action will take place on the two diamonds at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead, the home of Herts Baseball Club.


Over the three weekends 40 games are scheduled to be played on the two diamonds. The competition begins on March 19 with a morning clash on Diamond 1 between the London Metros and the Essex Redbacks in the HSL NBL division. At the same time on Diamond 2, there is a Double-A clash between the Croydon Pirates and the London Musketeers.

The Herts Raptors are the first Herts team in action on that day as they meet the Mustangs. The first opportunity to see the Herts Cardinals’ first ever game will be on Sunday, 20 March, when they will meet ACS Cougars and the Sidewinders.

Alongside the deciding HSL games on the final day (April 3), Grovehill Ballpark will host the NBL Opening Day doubleheader between the Lancashire Legends and newly promoted BC Vetra who won the Triple-A National Championship last year.

Click to view full 2022 HSL schedule

Youth Baseball Open Days

In addition to the games, there will be three Youth Baseball Open Sessions for any boys and girls aged 6 to 14 who are not members of a baseball club at the moment. This is a good opportunity for them to try baseball at no cost. Each session is 2 hours long.

For more details and to book a place, please complete this form.

Excitement building up

The Herts Spring League adds a competitive edge to Spring training. It’s the time for managers to work out their winning formula going into the BBF league season. It is an opportunity to evaluate existing and newly recruited players. Which players will earn a spot in the pitching rotation and who will be batting where in the batting order? Who will make the first team and who will have to work their way up with the minor league teams? Not forgetting, it’s a chance to size up your rivals for the year ahead. It’s the first big challenge and the first big excitement of the baseball year. Don’t miss it.

Get in the Game

Players, from beginners to advanced, are now registering for the 2022 baseball season. For more details about how to join the Herts baseball teams in Hemel Hempstead and in NW London or for more details about the HSL or if you are interested to give baseball a try in this competition contact Herts Baseball Club.

19 teams will signal the arrival of Spring in the 2022 HSL

19 teams will signal the arrival of Spring in the 2022 HSL

Herts Baseball Club has confirmed that 19 teams have entered this year’s Herts Spring League (HSL). The teams come from all British baseball leagues including the National Baseball League (NBL), Triple-A, Double-A and Single-A Leagues.

The HSL teams will be divided into three divisions as follows:

HSL (NBL) Teams
HSL (Double-A) Teams
HSL (Single-A) Teams

Schedule and Format

The HSL will be played over three weeks commencing on the weekend of 19-20 March and ending on 2-3 April. The HSL format and games schedule are expected to be announced shortly and will bring this and all other HSL news as they happen.

5 Herts teams enter the 2022 BBF leagues. Falcons aiming for 2023 return to NBL.

5 Herts teams enter the 2022 BBF leagues. Falcons aiming for 2023 return to NBL.

With just a few hours remaining until the deadline for British baseball clubs to submit their league entries for the 2022 baseball season, Herts Baseball Club confirmed that they will once again be entering five teams.

Herts Falcons

However, the Herts Falcons are not among them. The team had a difficult season last year finishing in last place with a record of 1 win and 24 losses. They went into it with a depleted roster of 15 players and suffered further setback when player-manager, Cris Hiche, had to go back to his home country due to a family bereavement. Another three players and the interim manager left partway through the season.

In November, the club started the process of rebuilding the roster.  Despite a large number of players signing up to try out with the team, the club struggled with the appointment of a new manager.  They came close to securing a highly rated candidate last month but he received a contract offer from an MLB club.  The identity of that coach has not been made public yet to enable him to decide when to do so in what is a very positive news story for British baseball.

This morning club president, Aspi Dimitrov, said: “we ran out of time and we have to bear the pain of withdrawing our flagship team from the National Baseball League”.

We understand the club considered assigning the Falcons team name to one of its other teams in the lower leagues in order to continue the team’s record of 26 uninterrupted seasons playing in the BBF leagues, but decided against it. “Our work to rebuild the Falcons continues and our target now is the 2023 season” said Dimitrov.

The club’s other five teams will now have to carry the Herts flag in the playoff races this year.

Herts Cardinals (Triple-A)

The Cardinals are the newest Herts team, unveiled just a week ago.  They go into the Triple-A league – the second tier in the British baseball league system. When taking on the role, team manager Brian Dearing did not expect that his team would have the extra pressure of being the club’s highest ranked team but Herts fans hope that the team will thrive on this.

The Cardinals will play their home games at the club’s Basing Hill Ballpark in North West London which is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in late April or early May.

Herts Hawks (Single-A)

The Hawks are one of four Herts teams which will play in the BBF Single-A league. They will be managed by Ken Pike, who was in charge of the Herts Raptors last year.  His team is expected to feature many of his 2021 Raptors players but the squad may also feature new faces as the competition for places intensifies.  The Hawks will play their home games at Grovehill Ballpark in Hemel Hempstead.

Herts Raptors (Single-A)

As confirmed at the end of January, Mantas Poderys, is back at the helm. He managed the Raptors in 2020 bringing his trademark enthusiasm but the season was wiped out by Covid so this will be his managerial debut in the BBF leagues.  The Raptors will play their home games at Grovehill.

Herts Londoners (Single-A)

Last year Herts Londoners improved on their win-loss record of the previous season but the team still finished far from the playoff places. They hope to climb up the standings further this year.  Co-manager Arnie Longboy has taken up the front office role of co-General Manager and Matt Bell takes his place as co-manager. The Londoners will play their home games at Basing Hill.

Herts Eagles (Single-A)

The Eagles finished the season with the best record out of the three Herts teams in the Single-A league last season with some exceptional numbers put up by MVP, Mike Wakelam, including 9 home runs. Will he be back with the Eagles or will he be called up by the Cardinals to the Triple-A team.  The Eagles hope to announce their new manager soon.

It remains to be seen if all four Herts Single-A teams will be placed in the same pool which would mean that there would be a plethora of Herts derby games this season.  Would this increase the chances of seeing a Herts team reach the playoffs or will the four Herts teams end up knocking each other out? In the next few weeks the BBF will also reveal who they will face. Will it be their old rivals the Redbacks the Minotaurs and the Mustangs who are the reigning Single-A national champions or will the BBF reshuffle the composition of the pools perhaps bringing in teams like the Richmond Dukes and the Bracknell Inferno?

The managers have left some room in the rosters so new players can still join the Herts teams. However, the club reported that the number of players registering to play is higher than on deadline day last season so those available places are likely to be filled quickly.

Herts also announced the tryout dates to play for the Herts Cardinals in the Triple-A league.  For more details contact the club.

Triple-A tryout dates

Triple-A tryout dates

Last week the club unveiled its new Triple-A League team – the Herts Cardinals – who will play their home games at Basing Hill Ballpark.

Players interested to try out for Triple-A are invited to attend one or several of the sessions listed below to enable the coaching staff to assess them.

7pm-9pm, Thu, 17 Feb 2022, indoor venue in NW London*
11am-2pm, Sun, 27 Feb 2022, outdoor venue in NW London
7:45pm-9pm, Thu, 3 Mar 2022, indoor venue in NW London*
7:45pm-9pm, Thu, 10 Mar 2022, indoor venue in NW London*

To express interest in trying out, contact the club indicating the session(s) which you would like to attend.

* the club is raising funds for the Basing Hill Ballpark project so the cost of hiring the indoor venue in London will be covered by asking players to each pay around £6 for the 2-hour session and £3 for the 1-hour session.

Herts unveil new team

Herts unveil new team

Herts Baseball Club has announced that they will enter a new team in the BBF Triple-A league for the upcoming 2022 season. The name of the team is the Herts Cardinals.

The team will play their home games at the club’s Basing Hill Ballpark in North West London which is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in late April or early May.

The team will be managed by player-manager Brian Dearing (pictured above right) who brings with him many years of experience playing in the United States and the United Kingdom. He grew up in Michigan where he played on his high school varsity team.  His education and professional career took him to the United Kingdom where he practices as a lawyer, but he continued  to play baseball, initially with the Edinburgh Cannons in the Scottish league and then, after moving to London, with the London Mammoths between 2016 and 2021. The Mammoths qualified for the playoffs in four out of those five seasons. In his last two years with the Mammoths, Brian served as one of the co-managers of the team. They reached the Triple-A league playoffs last year where the team lost to Vetra who went on to win the Triple-A championship and promotion to the National Baseball League.

There have been a number of Herts teams which have played at the Triple-A league level over the years.  In 2008 the Herts Falcons became Triple-A national champions and won promotion to the National Baseball League.  In 2010 the Herts Eagles reached the Triple-A national semi-final.  The club’s last team to play in Triple-A was the Herts Londoners who missed out on a place in the 2019 playoffs when a ruling by the league on the incomplete regular season schedule went against them.

Drawing of Basing Hill Ballpark which will be the Herts Cardinals’ home field and which is currently under construction and scheduled to open in May 2022

Places on the Cardinals’ roster are still up for grabs and existing Herts players or new players can contact the club to try out with the team. The preliminary squad will be confirmed later this spring ahead of the Herts Spring League. The Opening Day roster will be published shortly before the team makes its Triple-A league debut on 10 April. After Opening Day, there will still be opportunities for players from the Herts lower league teams to be called up to the Triple-A team or for Herts NBL players to be assigned to the Cardinals for development.

The club has been having talks with candidates about the vacancy for the Herts Falcons manager in the National Baseball League and hopes to have an update on this as we approach the BBF league entry deadline. The club will also have news about all its other team entries for the 2022 British baseball season.  Last week the BBF announced that the deadline has been extended to midnight on 11 February so Herts have a little more time to make these key decisions.