New ballpark, new team, new website, new team managers, new club logo, and now Herts Baseball Club will unveil a new uniform for the Falcons, the Hawks and the Raptors in time for 2008 Opening Day. 


Over the last 11 years the club’s teams have been wearing the classic pin-stripe jersey with the Falcons name across the chest and distinctive black pants.  After months of deliberation and several rounds of voting by club members, it was decided that the club will be wearing an all-white jersey.  The name on the front of the jersey will be Herts which will have scarlet colour and a jet black outline.  The squad number on the back will have the same colour scheme. The new jersey will also include neck and sleeve trim, which will also be black.


Since 2004 Vice President, Lee Manning, has led a campaign to change the colour of the club’s pants from black to white.   With Gandhi-like persistence and determination, Manning has finally prevailed against all odds and the new uniform will comprise white pants with black side trim.


Both the jersey and the pants will be custom made using the same American-made fabrics used at the professional level  by MLB teams. 


Apart from the classic baseball pants model which has evolved over the years, players will also be able to choose the fashionable “Clemson Cut” model which is becoming very popular with MLB superstars such as Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Johan Santana, David Wright and many others.


Herts Baseball Club has already placed the order with its American suppliers and the freshly sewn uniforms are expected to reach the British Isles in time for the first game of the Herts Spring League which is expected to be scheduled on 30 March 2008.  Until then Herts players will only be able to see digital impressions of the new uniform.



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