The three Hertfordshire adult baseball teams, Falcons, Hawks and Raptors returned to baseball training this weekend with the first outdoor training session of 2008. 


Drenched in the sun and temperatures of 14oC it would have been easy to mistake Grovehill ballpark with one of the MLB Spring Training bases in Florida.  The players had not felt the ball nestle into their gloves since September so the excitement and enthusiasm amongst the players was evident. 


The three team managers Jason Greenberg (Falcons), Carlos Casal (Hawks) and Jake Kikel (Raptors) together with a strong team of assistant coaches have adopted a new professional approach in the preparations for the new season.  More will be expected from players and the competition for places has already begun.  As Jason Greenberg said: “Today, we all start as members of the Herts Raptors and everyone has the opportunity to earn their place and position in the organisation”.


Apart from the on-field developments the club’s webmaster has added an additional online tool for players to prepare for practice, improve themselves, learn more about baseball theory and other useful aspects of the game.



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