Is it a Promotion or a Lateral Move?


There is an unwritten rule amongst journalists that you never write about a colleague, but don’t tell that to Peter Vecsey of the New York Post, who is continually baiting Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News.


The newsroom of today is much different than the newsroom of yesteryear, which was filled with cigar smoke, old noisy typewriters, and the ubiquitous cantankerous editor, who was constantly screaming at us to get our copy in before the deadline.


Now it is much more of a virtual newsroom.  Given the advances of technology, I can write my column from pretty much any location.  That has its inherent advantages and disadvantages.  However, in this new environment we still constantly wonder about our colleagues.


I took a quick look at the Falcons home page, and noticed that my good friend and colleague Marty Cullen is no longer listed as a Syndicated Columnist. It now says he is “Voice of the Falcons”.


Does that mean that we are no longer colleagues?


Did I miss the inner office memo congratulating and offering him our best wishes?


Marty, we hardly knew ye!


I really enjoyed his column on the DH, and was waiting (and waiting, and waiting) for more, but it never came……


Now that he’s moved on from a print to an electronic correspondent, he’s open game.


Maybe now that he’s an electronic journalist, he’ll become really arrogant and won’t talk to us print guys!


Maybe he went on the DL with writer’s cramp?


Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead, because I’m ruining my chances of being his co-host on Falcons PTI!!


Was he paid by the column or did he get a flat fee?  If so, I’ve got to find out who his agent is.


Was he promoted based on the one column he wrote??  If so, what am I doing wrong??


Maybe with his new gig of bench coach, he was way too busy and didn’t have much time to write.


By the way, by being a bench coach and voice of the Falcons, isn’t that a conflict of interest??


Am I asking too many questions, and will I be unceremoniously beckoned to the Falcons front office, where I will be asked intrusive questions about MY latest column??


Ask him who get the biggest laughs at the Awards Night!!


I hope he finds this column entertaining!  Maybe he’ll enjoy it more than Profiles in Courage, which I hope someone read!


Who’s the Falcons HR director?  I’m thinking about going to a tribunal because my work here has been unappreciated and others are being promoted over yours truly.


Memo to Marty.  Congratulations on your promotion!


Both of them!


And please remember this humble scribe when you’re auditioning for Falcons PTI!


Anyway, it’s Bank Holiday Monday!! (I’m a dumb American, did I say that right?).

Enough silliness!  I look forward to Marty’s electronic contributions as Voice of the Falcons, and I hope everyone had a Happy Easter.



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