Everyone connected with the 10 teams participating in the 2008 Herts Spring League (HSL) is hoping that the snow storms of the last few days have signalled the end of Winter and the arrival of Spring.


The HSL Opening Day is this coming Sunday, 30 March 2008, which coincides with the arrival of British Summer Time.  At 1am on the same day the clocks go forward by one hour. 


The Herts Spring League (HSL) will offer plenty of game time for the participating teams with some of the games taking place late in the afternoon.  With clocks moving forward teams will have 1 extra hour of daylight and when the HSL schedule was prepared the league organisers wanted to make full use of this.  The last HSL game on Opening Day will end at 18:55 and there will be sufficient daylight as the sun will set at 19:31.


So don’t forget to set your clocks correctly and be on time for the start of the 2008 HSL.


The weather forecast currently indicates that it will be partly cloudy with sunny spells.  Most importantly no rain and temparatures of 13oC.

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