An army of kids will be heading to Grovehill Ballpark in Hertfordshire this Saturday for the start of spring training ahead of the inaugural season of the Herts Baseball Little League. 


Last year Herts Baseball Club with support from BSUK, staged nine baseball summer camps, which were attended by around 50 boys and girls.  They will be joined by many more players who have pre-registered online for the League over the winter months. 


The season is scheduled to commence on 14 June and all league games will be staged at the baseball complex in Hemel Hempstead.  But before this, the players will go through five weeks of intensive spring training.  The training sessions will be ran by baseball players from Herts Baseball Club’s three adult teams, as well as parents who have already shown interest in getting involved in a coaching or other capacity.


Herts Baseball Club Vice Presidents, Marty Cullen and Lee Manning, who set the foundations for this project in 2007 are looking forward to what promises to be an unmissable event for children in and around Hertfordshire. 


Manning said: “Little-by-little all the pieces are coming together and it is very exciting to see so much interest being generated.  It seems like Hertfordshire will be going baseball-crazy this summer and it is not too late to join.  Those who are interested to get involved should go on www.HertsLittleLeague.com and complete the pre-registration form.”  


Cullen added: “We were hoping to have three teams in the League’s first season, but it looks like we may be able to have more than three teams.  We didn’t expect such interest so early, but our club has the capacity to accommodate many more teams.  Last year we went out to around 20 schools located close to our ballpark.  This year we are expanding our coverage and thousands of promotional flyers will be going out to 50 schools over the next week or so.”


Apart from playing Herts Little League games this summer, players will have the opportunity to earn a place in the Herts All-Star Team.  The team will represent the Herts Baseball Little League in the British National Championships (known as the Final 4) where they will face the best baseball players from around the country.  The Herts All-Stars have been given a wild card entry and if they win their one-game playoff they will qualify for the prestigious Final 4 event. 


The Final 4 events attract a great amount of interest not only from fans but also from the coaching staff of the Great Britain National Teams.  Last month a member of the Herts Baseball Little League received a call-up to the Great Britain National Team, which is another indication that, with hard work and dedication, the boys and girls of the Herts Baseball Little League have the opportunity to progress to the highest levels of baseball.


For more details and information how to join please visit the official website of the Herts Baseball Little League www.HertsLittleLeague.com

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