On Saturday Herts Baseball Little League players returned to the baseball diamond after a long winter.  They are preparing for their first ever Baseball Little League in Hertfordshire which starts next month.


There was a very good turnout with many new players joining those who took part in last year’s Baseball Summer Camps.  They were put through an intensive session by the Little League coaches.  Many parents were in attendance giving their support and words of encouragement from the sidelines.  Some of the parents have had previous baseball experience and they generously agreed to join the other members of the Herts Baseball Little League coaching staff.


The session was meant to be 2 hours and 15 minutes long but with so many kids eager to play baseball the session had to be extended and at the end it lasted over 3 hours.


The players will be back next Saturday once again at 10am for the second pre-season session.  New players are very much welcome to join in at any time and make baseball history in Hertfordshire this season.

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