Herts Baseball Club has announced that Dave Westfallen has been appointed as the Manager of the newly formed Herts Eagles.  The Eagles are the fourth adult team of the Herts franchise and will be its representative in the AAA League of British Baseball. 


Dave Westfallen has had many years of experience in British baseball.  He made his return to Herts in 2008 with the Herts Hawks becoming their first-choice catcher.  He proved to be one of the key players for the team and amongst the best performers both defensively and offensively.


Apart from his contribution as a player he had a very positive influence on the rest of the team, always staying positive and offering quiet but timely words of advice to those who needed it.


This did not go unnoticed by Herts Falcons Manager, Jason Greenberg, and Westie was called up to the Herts Falcons roster for the most important games in the club’s history at the AAA Final 4 in September. 


2009 will be an exciting year for everyone involved with Herts Baseball.  The Herts players will have to step up their efforts in a big way if they are to succeed at all four tiers of the British Baseball League.  This will be a massive challenge for the club, but it appears that many new players like the idea of achieving something which may appear impossible and the club has reported that a large number of enquiries from new players have been received.  With Spring just around the corner, the competition for places will be fierce and it will be up to the Team Managers to find the right formula for each of the four teams.  Dave Westfallen is now a member of the management team and the Herts Baseball Newswire will be following his progress and that of the Herts Eagles in 2009.

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